Whether your business is selling flowers (example below) or any other products or services, you can set up a SimpleStore account through PayPal which will allow you to sell them directly through your website. Once you enter your private business information in PayPal and set up a business account then Brevard Business Online will create your Online Storefront for the World Wide Marketplace. You can sell your products and services one at a time or by the baskets full using the 'Shopping Cart' option. (Some additional costs for Advanced Storefront businesses)
Everyone likes all the bells and whistles. Brevard Business Online wants to provide you with all of the options you want for your business website. Take a look at the options below that most web designers charge as "add on" costs. Brevard Business Online does it all for one low price.  

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Complete Website Design- $500
Website Design- $300
Maps by MapQuest or Google Maps 
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Viera, Florida
People will find your business quickly and easily by clicking on the Interactive maps thats provides them all of the search options including: zoom in/out, scroll, get driving directions, satellite/street view, surrounding business search, as well as print options. 
Photo Gallery
A Photo Gallery is a great option that allows customers to view numerous pictures or products at one time. The customer simply clicks on the picture and your website launches a larger view of the item in a new window. This option is great for photographers, artists or any business with lots of items that you would like customers to be able to quickly review.
Customers can access documents from your website. Whether it is a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or PDF file, you can provide the forms directly from your website. This is a great option for standard contracts, new patient forms, order forms or any other simple document you need to make available to your customers. Brevard Business Online can even add FREE Download links for AdobeAcrobat and other free ware.
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Video clip from sunnybeach.net showing their Youtube sales video.  

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Videos are one of the most dynamic ways to sell your products and services online. They provide a platform for demonstrating your products and services, offer training, provide information, or simply for your entertainment. By using either the YouTube option or simple Video Play, you can show your customer who you are and what your business can do for them. 
Video clip from VictoriaLambert.com showing her talent in a commercial.
Website Annual Maintenance- $275
10 Page Website Design- $1,000