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Brevard Business Online makes it really quite simple!

First... People have to be able to find you!
When people are looking for you, your business products and services online, you have to show up. If you are buried in some directory website or referral domain or under hundreds of competing websites then you may lose them. We'll create you a business website that will be found quickly by the internet search engines.
Second... They have to like what they see!  
If your site is plain, boring and wordy, then people are likely to move on to the next site. Your website is a strong marketing tool just like your store front, signs and business cards. If they look exciting and professional then you look exciting and professional. If people like what they see than they are likely to come back. And all businesses like repeat customers! 
 Third.. You must see results!
It's about the KEY WORDS! With the millions of websites available, how does one website make it in the top 10 while the next is lost buried under layers of other sites? The key is Search Engine Key Words and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By researching the top key words relating to your business, Brevard Business Online can strategically place them throughout your website to maximize your exposure. When a search engine goes looking for your key words, then your website will jump to the top! And that's what it's all about- People finding your business!
What do you get?

Initial Website Design and Set Up
  • Secure Domain Name- We will research and find available competitive domain names that match your business. Once you choose from the options available, we will purchase and lock that domain name for your use. 
  • Secure Hosting- We will secure hosting for your website. We will complete all of the applications for registering the site and secure it from scammers and spam attacks. 

  • Set Up Email- We will establish, configure and forward your website email account to your current business email address. This will insure you never miss an interested customer.
  • Design and Launch Web Site- We will design a full color, interactive, photo and video enhanced website featuring you, your business and its products and services. This website will be professionally designed and reviewed with you prior to publishing on-line. The website will include 5 pages of  content with additional pages available as an upgrade. We will include selected music and backgrounds as agreed upon. 
  • Monitor Traffic- We will monitor your traffic and insure you are showing up in all of the major search engines. Although ALL search engines take time to 'register' your site, we will perform direct contact website initiation which triggers site verification quicker. 

Monthly Maintenance Service- If requested 
  • We will update the website with any changes or additional information, pictures and videos as requested. This will be completed within a reasonable time period- usually within 24 hours. 
  • We will pay all monthly fees related to hosting and web design.

Yearly Maintenance Service
  • We will pay all yearly fees related to domain registry, hosting and web design. We will update the site periodically as requested. If your business requires regular changes and updates then the Monthly Miantenance Service is suggested. 
What does it cost? 

Most online experts will tell you it's not how much it costs but how much you lose...
How many people are searching for your type of business or products?   
How many times did you search for a price or purchase a product on-line this month? 
How many times do you search for a business using the internet? 
How much do you spend on advertising? 
Once the ad has run then the exposure is over! Once you have a website, it is advertising your business every minute of every day... all over the world!

Brevard Business Online provides your business to the world wide marketplace at a fraction of the costs of our competitors.
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How Does It Work? 

Initial Web Design Set Up- $500 
Includes all costs associated with domain name, registry, hosting and a 
professionally designed 5 page website.

Monthly Maintenance Service- If requested- $25
Includes all costs related to regular website changes and updates, hosting and web page design.

Yearly Maintenance Service- $45
Includes all costs related to periodic changes and updates, domain registry, email renewal, hosting and web page design system upgrades.

Why do some web designers ask you to SUBMIT FOR A QUOTE? The answer is simple. They change their rates based on what you want in your website. They try and low ball with a basic price but then quickly add additional charges when you want extras... and everyone wants extras! Brevard Business Online understands and includes it all. We know you want pictures, maps, commerce options, music, and videos! So we do it all for one low rate. There's no worries about what else you can afford or additional costs for things you want to add that will enhance your site. We do it all! So call us today- Webmaster- Lee @ (321) 298-0087  or  Sales- Colton @ (321) 403-3373.
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Be a part of the World Wide Marketplace where your business, products and services are available 
every second of every day for the world to find! 
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